Special Program on Dada Ram Panjwani by Sindhi Sangat

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  1. Dada Ram Panjwani jo internet te didar kare dil bag bahar thi rahi ahe.
    wake aseen sindhi suhena (smart) aayoon.

  2. Aijaz Khooharo says:

    Happy Birth Day of Prof. Ram Panjwani
    Prof. Ram Panjwani was not an ordinary professor, but he was an institution of love, culture, poetry, language, music and history. Services of this legendary figure will be admired by Sindhi people from generation to generation.

  3. Lakhu Menghani says:

    Well done Dada Prof. Rampanjwani.Sindhis are proud of him.He will ever be remembered for his services in Sindhi Sangeet and his golden voice.

  4. هي ويب سائيٽ اسان سنڌين جو ورثو آهي
    اهو سدا قائم رهي

    دليپ ٽيڪچنداڻي

    سنڌيگلاب ڊاٽ ڪام

  5. Masood Mangi says:

    Dada professor Ram panjwani ja asul videos disi aeen budhi asaan sindh mein rahandar sindhun khe tamam ghani khushi thi aahe Late Ram panjwani asul larkana jo huyo par un ji cenima asaan je city Mehar mein hoondi hui un kare asaan professor ram panjewani khe ghano yaad kanda aahiyoon sindhi new genreation khe dada ja songs disan khapan

  6. Bhisham Vachhani says:

    Great efforts Mazo Achi viyo
    Sindhi Sadaee Gadu

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