70th Birthday wish by T.L. Vaswani

Dear Brother,

Salutations to you on your 70th birthday !

For half a century you have served Beloved Bharata and the Community you love with no ordinary love. Through song and music, story and drama, you have sought to inspire the people to live the true life, the life that is life, indeed, the life of simplicity. sympathy, service. You have taken to lands, near and far, the message of Sindhi dervishes and fakirs. And who is a true dervish ? The question was asked of Guru Nanak by the Muslim Sheikh of Panipat And the Guru asnwered :-

“Him I call a dervish
who, alive is dead,
And while awake is asleep
He who renounces everthing
And annihilates his self,
who is in deep communion,
And sings spontaneous songs-
He is a dervish at heart.”

Today, there is scramble for power, greed of gold and just for fame. This pursuit of power or prominecne or possessions is a form of suicide. And the maladyseems to be increasing. May the Lord grant you increasing strength to spread, far and wide, the message of our Singers and Saints who taught that we must walk the “little” way and rejoice in remaining unknown, and that, like the radiant sun and the flowing stream, we must serve without consciousness. Is not this message the one urgent need of the modern world ?

You will not find God philosophically. Seek Him as the answer to call the needs of your soul !


Message from J.P Vaswani

God. For, he was the great Bhagat Kanwar Ram in whose voice, husky and honeysweet, lay a magic that put a spell on us and filled us with ecstacy. In my view, the mantle of Bhagat Kanwar Ram has fallen on Ram Panjwani. It is often I have sat in large halls and watched in admiration Ram Panjwani competently filling in for Bhagat Kanwar Ram, mesmerising us almost in the same way. Filled to the brim with adoration for God, loving us at the same time, Ram Panjwani can sing for hours, he can forget wordly cares and can make us forget them. Is it a surprise then that he has remained young in all these years?
10, sadhu Vaswani Path,
Poona – 411 001.

Dil Jee Onahia Maan by Keerat Babani

Dil Jee Ohnaia Maan By Keerat babani

About Dada Ram Panjwani

Sindh have the fame of being the land of Saints, Darveshs, fakirs, poets and personalities larger than life. The day of 20th November 1911 is written with the golden ink in the history of Sindh and Sindhis as on this day the great poet, singer, Bhagat and educationist Prof. Ram Panjwani was born at Larkana Sindh, in the family of Diwan Prataprai Panjwani, the famous zamidar family of the area. As the family was closely related with culture of the Sindh so this family atmosphere helped the kid to develop an attitude for the specific vision towards literature and culture of Sindh. Being part of zamidar family soon he learned the importance of heritage so become more conscious for preserving rich heritage and spiritual ideology of Sindh and Sindhi community.
Prof. Ram Panjwani was a great writer and true worshiper of Sindhi literature and culture. Beside the mother tongue, Persian, Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi were the other languages well known to him. He Joined D. J. Sindh college Karachi as a teacher after completing his B. A. from Bombay University in the year 1934.After the partition family shifted to Bombay [Mumbai] and he joined Jai Hind college as the Head of sindhi department. soon he joined Bombay university as the first reader and went on become Head of sindhi department [from 15-06-1974 to 19-11-1976].

He was a singer of the caliber of Bhagat Kanwar ram, His melodious voice was have such a mesmerizing effect that often the audiences forget even about the self. He will also be remembered for providing new destinations to Sindhi Folk and music as during the Bhagat, he was used to use “Mataki” earthen pot for creating music. He was master of story telling during his sessions of Bhagat, writer is fortunate to witness this great artist during his one of the most famous Bhagat session “Kutchh Gujari Kutchh Baki, Baki Bhi Gujar Jai, Rang Mein Bhang Na Pai, Dholan Rang Mein Bhang Na Pai. [some part we had spend, some part is remaining, remaining will also be spent, don’t break the temo, dear don’t break the tempo].
His journey as the writer was started in the year 1939 with the publication of his first novel “Padma”. Some of his other writings which made his popular includes “Qaidy, Sharmila, Asanjo Ghar, Ahe Na ahe, Shall Dhiaru Na Jaman”.
In the year 1964 his creation “Anokha Azmda” brought prestigious “Sahitya Academy award” for him. His dedication towards the sindhi language was reflecting from his untiring efforts for the inclusion of Sindhi language in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution.
For the preservation and propagation of Sindhi culture and folk he established “Sita Sindhu Bhavan” and directed many plays including Moomal Rano and Umar Marvi written by legendry and great writer of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif. Prof. Ram Panjwani also acted in few Sindhi films like “Jhulelal, Ladlee, Hojmalo” and “Shall Dhiaru Na Jaman” based on his own novel with same title. His countless services to Sindhi community and ultimately to people of India were recognized by Government of India and in the year 1981 he was honored with “Padam Shree” a national civilian award of India. He left this physical world in the year 1987.

A few names which might can describe this versatile , multi field active, great Sindhi personality are:
Writer Ram Panjwani

– Educationist Ram Panjwani

– Bhagat [Folk Singer] Ram Panjwani

– Kavi [Poet] Ram Panjwani

– Actor Ram Panjwani

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